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Welcome to the American Sports Institute
—Vision and Perspective

The American Sports Institute is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization (NGO), cultural and educational center for theory, research, development, service, and training in sport culture, physical activity and education, and wellness as personal and social transformative practices.

The vision of the American Sports Institute is to enable individuals and social institutions everywhere to realize their full potential through the reintegration of the body with the mind and spirit, and by reinstating physical activity and the physical domain to equal standing with mental and spiritual activities and their domains. Through this transformational process that restores physical and mental well-being by reclaiming the very nature of our humanity, people and institutions in America and all around the world can find purpose, meaning, clarity, fulfillment, and peace.

In this context, our mission to realize this vision includes returning sport to its rightful place of honor in the arts, humanities, and sciences by examining the full spectrum of sport culture, physical education, and wellness through these branches of learning, and by using this examination—in particular, the principles and practices that work in sport, physical education, and wellness—to address personal, social, and international issues.

The American Sports Institute’s perspective toward sport is neither new nor unique. The ancient Greeks held sport in a similar context. At the height of the Athenian era in ancient Greece, sport was viewed as an integral part of the arts, humanities, and sciences, standing equally with such disciplines as philosophy, literature, and civics. Virtue and  More»


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