The American Sports Institute’s Board of Trustees oversees overall operations.

Roger Hefty
Roger Hefty is the Coordinator of Direct Mail Campaigns for the University of California, San Francisco, facilitating print and direct mail layouts and strategies for UCSF’s departments. Prior to his position at UCSF, Roger served as the Direct Mail Manager for the University of California, Berkeley Printing Services where he was responsible for the sales, customer service, and operational and financial performance of the direct mail operation. During his tenure at UC Berkeley, Roger also served as the Acting Manager of Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing for the University’s Printing Services Division. Before this, Roger was the Division President for K/P Corporation, a large print and mailer organization with facilities throughout the Western United States.

Joel Kirsch
Joel Kirsch, Ph.D., is the president of the American Sports Institute. Joel will serve as the Principal Coach of The Arete School, having been the creator of the Institute’s highly-successful Promoting Achievement in School through Sport (PASS) program, upon which The Arete School is based. Joel founded the American Sports Institute after serving as the sports psychologist for the San Francisco Giants, and taught the PASS program at both inner-city and suburban high schools. Prior to this, Joel taught sport education courses at the University of California, Berkeley and San Francisco State University, and classroom management and teacher development courses through the extension departments at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and California State University, Los Angeles. Joel also served as a high school teacher in the East Los Angeles area for seven years.

Vince Matthews...
Vincent Matthews, Ed.D., is Superintendent of the San Francisco Unified School District. Vincent has a distinguished record of service in California’s public schools. Prior to his current position, Vincent served as the State Administrator for the Inglewood Unified School District, and, before that, as the Superintendent of Schools for the San José Unified School District.  He also served as the Chief of Staff and State Administrator/Trustee for the Oakland Unified School District, guiding the turnaround of the District after it had been taken over by the California Department of Education. Vincent has been an Area Superintendent with the San Diego Unified School District, and was the Operations Vice President for Edison Schools where he headed the overall operations for the eight Edison Schools throughout California. Vincent has also served in various other public-school administrative positions throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.