Benefits of PASS

Benefits for Your School

By implementing the PASS program, your school will benefit from:

  • More graduates who understand personal responsibility and who have the skills for lifelong learning.
  • Students who are better able to perform up to their potential.
  • Cohesiveness among diverse students who otherwise would not have opportunities for interaction.
  • Improved student leadership abilities that affect the rest of the student body.
  • Increased school revenue due to improved student attendance.
  • Strengthened faculty capacity for problem solving and leadership by infusing new principles and strategies for improving education.
  • Rekindled enthusiasm and commitment of professional staff.

Benefits for Educational Reform

The PASS program addresses a number of important educational-reform issues, including:

  • Project-Based Curriculum — The PASS class is a year-long project where each student develops and implements a strategy for reaching individualized academic and physical goals.
  • Assessment Strategies — The PASS teacher regularly observes and thoroughly rates student performance. Students also evaluate their own performance and keep track of their work in a portfolio that includes individualized goals, action plans, monitoring procedures, and certificates of achievement.
  • Kinesthetic Learning and Academic Success — PASS challenges students to take the fundamentals that make athletes successful and to apply these fundamentals to their own academic and physical pursuits.
  • Cooperative Learning — PASS capitalizes on the positive aspects and collaborative nature of sport culture by emphasizing teamwork in the classroom.
  • Integrated Learning — The integration of subject areas, including language arts, social studies, psychology, philosophy, and physical education.
  • School-Home Connection — The PASS program has regularly-scheduled parent/guardian meetings and ongoing home contact through status reports, letters, and phone calls.