Implementing PASS

“I improved my grades by using the FAMs. Instead of talking to my friends, I
concentrated on what the teacher was saying, and when the teacher gave
homework, I balanced my time. I learned how to work harder and not give up so easily.”

—Eugene improved his grades from a 2.8 to a 3.5

Implementation Process

Once you have decided to offer PASS, staff from the American Sports Institute will work with you to complete these steps:

  • Review and sign the agreement
  • Select a PASS teacher
  • Schedule the class for the upcoming school year
  • Provide materials for the PASS teacher to recruit students
  • Enroll the selected teacher in the PASS Teacher Training Program
  • Supervise and support the PASS teacher
  • Evaluate the PASS program

Sources of Funds

Schools have secured funds for PASS in a variety of ways. Sources of financial support include:

  • Staff development funds
  • Chapter I or other categorical funds
  • Restructuring funds
  • Foundation grants
  • Corporate support
  • Proceeds from special fundraising events