University of Sulaimani Hosts Initial International Scientific Conference on Physical Education

The University of Sulaimani, located in the Kurdistan Regional Government area of Northern Iraq, hosted its first-ever scientific conference on physical education.  Presented by the University’s College of Physical Education, the conference included representatives from 13 nations and received quite a bit of attention, including television coverage.

American Sports Institute president Joel Kirsch was one of the featured conference speakers.  You can access his presentation We Need to Return the Children’s Humanity to Them (pdf).

Conference Images:

The stage is set for the conference to begin.

Sulaimani University Officials
University officials at the conference include (l-r) Dr. Ridha H. Hussein, President of the University of Sulaimani; Dr. Ali Qader Othman, Dean of the College of Physical Education; and the kind and talented doctoral student Amanj Hussain.

Conference attendees gather for the opening session.

Dignitaries await the beginning of the conference.

One of the many students from College of Physical Education helping with conference details makes a final check of things. Flags on either side of the stage represent the countries from which attendees and presenters have come.

A university official opens the conference.

ASI president Joel Kirsch begins his presentation by leading the audience in a physical warm-up activity.

With the help of a translator, Kirsch makes his presentation on the topic: “We Need to Return the Children’s Humanity to Them.”