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Study Indicates Students Most Engaged in Physical Activity, Least Engaged in Academic Classes

The Sloan Study of Youth and Social Development conducted by researchers at the University of Chicago is a national representative survey and analysis of the adolescent experience in America, including the youth experience in school, with family, with peers, and in communities.

A number of specific studies came out of the larger Sloan Study. In particular, the youth were asked where and in what activities do they experience the most and least amounts of engagement.

When comparing levels of engagement in six location areas—at home, in public, at work, in academic classes, in non-academic classes, and being on school grounds—students reported being least engaged in their academic classes and most engaged in their non-academic classes, including courses that provide physical activity.


When comparing levels of engagement in six types of activity—school work, paid work, passive leisure, active leisure, maintenance, and other—except for maintenance and other which are incidental activities such as brushing your teeth or taking out the trash, students reported being least engaged in their school work and most engaged in their active-leisure activities, including sports.


Details about the full Sloan Study can be accessed here.